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Find Neurofeedback Providers

The National Neurofeedback Network is your tool for connecting with neurofeedback providers near you. Whether you are looking for neurofeedback-specific practices or you are looking for practices that offer neurofeedback services, the National Neurofeedback Network will connect you with a specialist in your area. Begin your search here or continue below to search by state.

Your Connection to Your Nearest Neurofeedback Specialist

Welcome! This site was created for one simple reason – to enable people seeking the services of a neurofeedback specialist to locate, research and contact the closest providers in their area.

If you reached us seeking information on neurofeedback or the multiple brain disorders such as depression, anxiety, ADHD and PTSD it treats, please rest assured you’re in the right place. You’ll find our copy content includes objective, information-rich articles on these conditions, as well as essays and blogs on various aspects of neurofeedback therapy. Even more useful, our listings will enable you to explore the credentials, treatment philosophies and range of services offered by National Neurofeedback Network members in your immediate geographic vicinity.

Unlike other sites offering some of this information, we aren’t a manufacturer making claims for one device over others. Nor do we have any commercial interest in supporting one particular form of treatment. (In fact, our articles make a point of covering pharmaceutical and talk therapy options as well as neurofeedback.) Rather, we enable those who are seeking to learn more about neurofeedback – the latest advancement in brain training – to find healthcare professionals who provide this therapy in their area as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Thank you for using this site as an informational resource. We hope our content is helpful and our listings enable you to reach the right neurofeedback specialist for your needs. We’ll be expanding these listings constantly to better serve as many locations as possible. We also plan on expanding and updating our content on brain disorders and the latest developments in neurofeedback.

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Note: If you’re a neurofeedback provider seeking more information on how to become a NNN Member, please click on the Provider Tab for details.